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Search Warrant

March 23, 2011

The search warrant was filed in relation to the Virginia Code 18.2-248: to wit Manufacture of Methamphetamine.

Zane Carter Holliday and Torrey Ezra Clark were searched as well as room number 210 at the Super 8 Hotel and the 1996 green Subaru registered to Holliday.

Evidence log consists of fifty-four items (length of 3 pages) Items were found on the two suspects, in the vehicle and in the hotel room.

Items include but are not limited to the following: digital scales, rolling paper, mason jars, smoking devices, nitrate gloves, hoses, rope, box of matches and syringes.

Senior Police Officer M.S. Jenkins stated in the warrant “With my training and experience boxes of matches and items that are used to cook with are items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.”

The warrant was requested after both Clark and Holliday refused to allow the vehicle and room to be searched.

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